UMNO/BN is drooling over Selangor, the money producing State. Since 2008 they have been deprived of looting its wealth. Lost Penang with no hope to get it back, they are now starring at loosing Johor, Perak, Sabah and Sarawak too. TDM is back again orchestrating a Coupe D’état for the coming election where they anticipate a major loss. Fearing this will open the Pandora’s Box of all their pass lootings, there are turning into tyranny and gangsters to a military take-over. They expect to use the unrest to form a new government and continue looting for another 50 years, while keeping the previous corruptions in tight lid.

Hornbill Unleashed

VERY serious challenges: M'sia needs a real govt URGENTLY, not JOKERS from BN

Christopher Fernandez

Does any Malaysian really need any introduction as to why we are left wanting and being left behind in this era of globalization? Even the UPSR students that study under my guidance are able to clearly explain the problems that beset a country like Malaysia.

These students must have had first hand tutoring by their parents as to how life really is like in Malaysia. And they are children from all walks of life, not just a particular race or income group.

These children already have a negative perception of their life in the future. Several of them expressed openly the wish to cross over “to greener pastures” when the circumstances are in their favor.

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By Ali Karim

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