Nowadays Muslims are seems to be getting much stressed. The situation in Middle East speaks itself. The same is also brewing in non-Muslim countries from the examples we set.  The ancient prophecies in the end of time seem so real.

Responsible for Islamophobia and the fact the very religion we chose to embrace are being confined and over-controlled by strange beings. We call these beings ‘religious leaders’ – which I certainly did not vote any yet they self-proclaim to be one, presume they are our prophet or the ‘Enlightened Beings’.

Our so called enlightened beings have become demagogue and benighted due to their lack of experience, wisdom and intelligence to think beyond the orthodox. Having no other academic qualification, exposure or comprehension of life on earth, failed think outside the Quran and/or Islamic laws. That is not bad at all if they can understand and appreciate what is in it. By reading and translating the verses in the Quran either perceived from their limited, preconditioned, engineered ego, narrow mind or scripted and edited by their Government, is beginning to bore us the death. The problem is, the equally arrogant and corrupted politicians had promoted and given power to many of these ‘imbecile beings’ to institute in pretext the so called moral values for their political benefit. To a point cunningly using the mosque and sermons to sucker Muslims to think and behave like them.

The stress is twice higher for a Muslim, where due to the ‘imbecile beings’ (IB), the religion of our choice, born with or converted into is no longer a pleasure. In the last several year’s reign of the IB, the name of a Muslim alone has become a threat. Around the world we are being watch and controlled. And back home is not a basket of fruit either. I can say the IB’s who reside in many political bodies like ‘Majlis Fatwa’, PAS, JAIS, JAWI and JAWA has become the Government’s puppet instead of being representatives of Muslims. Apart from the various rules and regulations they often invent and shove down our throats, they have accomplished absolutely nothing at all in procuring moral values of the citizens.

Recently, China Press reported over Durex Reckitt Benckiser condom survey, that Malaysia’s ranked third in the world for being the most unfaithful partner. This was the findings based on interviews with 29,000 people male and female from 36 countries. – The Star Online

On top of that, Malaysia has an equal if not higher share of sexual related cases such as incest, pedophile, child sex, child dumping, close proximity, rape cum murder, death related to religious authority’s enforcements. And most of them are from the stronghold Islamic state.

The percentage of Muslims renouncing the religion has been steadily escalating and has been kept off from public knowledge. The mainstream Muslims believe that such unlearned IB’s, funded by the Government funded are nothing but an embarrassment to Islam – through harassments, ridicules, and control. The Muslims are kept confined with the orthodox and politically inclined. Using Muslims as imbecilic machines to fuel their corrupted agendas.

The people cannot speak their mind on anything beyond the orthodox of Islam or they will be threatened, harassed, arrested, charged and/or some sort of ‘Fatwa’ will be imposed on the matter. Such are the reputation of Muslim and their religion bestowed from the heavens.

There are hundreds of versus in the Quran than teach Muslims to prosper, live in moderacy, liberally and in peace with the entire world. There is hundreds of ‘surah’s’ in the Quran that asks us to adapt to the changing environment. There are reasons of the prayers regimen other than a meaningless ritual. Every aspect of Islam has direct relation to our good health; great mind and body live in harmony with earth, in anticipation for the afterlife. Instead, that is not what is being translated or relayed by these IB’s.

I am perplexed that despite being raised as a Muslim, praying five times a day, seven days a week and 52 weeks a year, reciting from the Quran, yet the majority of us failed to display any of it in our lives. How come? Should it not be that we the Muslims are the ones, with more praying hours than others, with superior wisdom, with the way of life bestowed from the heavens;

To have superior mentality then everyone else?

• Be the best example in the world?

• The most prosperous (or moderate) people on earth?

Therefore it only opens the Pandora’s Box that these religious authorities (just as the Malaysian media) are being controlled by politicians. Using the print media, electronic media, mosques and the holy Quran itself to mislead Muslims to support them in the grandest scheme to rob us off our wealth. Muslims in Malaysia are kept against developing their mental faculties for freedom, progress and happiness. Deployments of paid gangsters to instigate inter-racial propaganda, so that they can stay in power and control us their money producing machines.

Fellow Malaysians, make your own assessment. Take a good look where you are, where have you been and where are you going. Politicians and religious leaders assume they are immortals and using us the 99% of the population as a game. They are using us to programme our children from having a life.

Believe in God as there is God, however you may address the, the creator of the universe and all life in it. But change at human level must be made. Make a stand to stop the real ghosts and demons of our country.

By Ali Karim


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